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I Write to Help Your Business Grow

Hi, I'm Kelly. My writing is designed to sell your services, retain your customers, and position your brand as a thought leader. I've created B2B and B2C content for companies ranging from startups to national investing firms. Take a look at my portfolio below.

Why the name THEIA8900? Find out >


Writing Portfolio


Betterment: Integrated Content Campaign for Investing Portfolios

To support the launch of a new crypto investing product, Betterment needed educational content that would build trust with prospective and current customers. Using research on the target market, I wrote articles, video scripts, newsletters, and coordinated a joint webinar with national brand partners to guide people on their investing journey.

Makara: Crypto Investing Articles and Newsletters

As a startup, Makara needed content to engage and establish credibility and trust. I wrote blog posts and newsletters, testing different types of content and layouts to optimize engagement.

SyncDAO: Decentralized Finance Articles

SyncDAO was preparing to launch a new decentralized finance (DeFi) savings platform and needed blogs to position themselves as trusted experts in the global DeFi market. I crafted these blogs to help educate their potential users on the value of DeFi.

CoinDesk: Opinion Articles

Guest op-ed pieces for CoinDesk's institutional investor newsletter.


Wisconsin Early Childhood Association: Annual Reports

Lead writer for non-profit annual reports which served as key fundraising materials.

IPM Institute: White Papers

Author on white papers used to educate school administrators, staff, and parents on the positive health impacts of integrated pest management in schools.

WhalePath: Secondary Market Research & White Paper

Key contributor to business process management white paper for market research startup, WhalePath. 


Consulting: Crypto Industry Secondary Market Research Reports

Market research used to assist firms in making strategic decisions.


Why THEIA8900?

There's a theory... 4.5 billion years ago, a planet called Theia (pronounced "thee-ah") collided with earth while travelling 8,900 miles per hour. The result? Our moon. 

THEIA8900 represents the collision of  ideas to create something new, exploring new paths to growth. When you work with me, we'll stretch our thinking to find solutions that create the positive change you are looking for in your business.

Why THEIA8900?
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