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FinTEch, Crypto, and BlockChain Jobs

Below are links to some of my favorite job boards that offer listings from firms ranging from digital banking to DeFi and everything in between. 

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Job Boards


AngelList provides more than just FinTech and blockchain job listings. It's really the internet's main hangout for all start-up related jobs. It's a great site to start your job search on, especially if you are looking to zoom in a specific position but are open to many different types of firms from different tech-related industries. 

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs curates jobs from leading companies and startups that use blockchain technology. They are a typical job board that sells postings to firms. They also offer a newsletter and blog articles. 


CryptoJobs claims to be the #1 website for blockchain jobs. They do list a whopping 2,500-plus job openings from across the world. This is a good site if you want a simple job posting site to search by keyword.  


CryptoJobsList claims to be the web's biggest job board for blockchain and cryptocurrency job openings which may be true -- they usually have over 2,000 open roles listed at any given time.  The nice thing as an applicant and industry professional is their transparency with data. They collect data that shows a log how when someone applies for a specific role at a given firm. Additionally, they offer a free salary benchmarking tool that you can enter your data into and, if approved, you can compare your salary to others in the industry.

Pantera Capital Jobs Board

Pantera Capital is a hedge fund that specializes in cryptocurrencies. They also offer a pretty stellar jobs board that allows job applicants to tap into their vast network of potential employers in the blockchain industry. At times, they have more than 4,000 jobs posted. You can also join their talent network to get on the radar of the firms they work with.


PompCryptoJobs is run by Anthony Pompliano, a well-known (especially on Twitter) crypto investor and industry professional. The job board only offers a few hundred job listings at a time but does offer other content such as the CryptoAcademy online course that costs $1,250 for three week's of workshops and networking events like a virtual job fair.

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