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Financial Services Marketing Strategy

Together, we'll create a marketing strategy that balances efficiency and growth. Plus, if your bank or credit union is thinking about offering cryptocurrency or bitcoin services, THEIA8900 can help you go-to-market and navigate this complex landscape.


Fractional CMO Support

I'll work side-by-side with your executive team to provide guidance and concrete plans to improve your marketing based on your objectives.

Budget Optimizing

I'll learn what your goals are and create a detailed implementation plan for your firm to get more results out of each marketing dollar spent.

Content Marketing

Getting results from content is difficult. Based on your goals, I'll create a custom content plan integrated into your overall strategy.

Strategy Framework:
Cryptocurrency Market Segments


Read the Cryptocurrency Market Segments article (plus infographic) to:

  • See the main cryptocurrency market segments

  • Review strategic planning questions

  • Access data on number of crypto users across major platforms​

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3 Steps for Launching a Crypto Product

Pre-Launch Research

Prior to launching cryptocurrency services, THEIA8900 provides market research to ensure that banks and credit unions have a clear understanding of their target market's demand for cryptocurrency services. 


  • Market Data Analysis

  • Customer/Member Survey



  • Data Analysis Summary

  • Defined Consumer Personas & Market Size

  • 12-Month Product Adoption Forecast

Go-To-Market Plan

From educating consumers to selecting marketing channels, launching a bitcoin or crypto product is different than a checking or a savings account. We'll work together for a successful product launch.


  • Channel Research

  • Advertising Budget Review

  • Internal Staff Interviews



  • Go-To-Market Growth Plan (Advertising & Education)

  • Internal Staff Training Plan

Post-Launch Analysis

After launching your cryptocurrency product, we'll review its adoption and make recommendations for improvement.


  • CAC Analysis

  • Forecast Variance Analysis

  • Marketing ROI Analysis


  • Performance Report

  • Marketing Strategy Recommendations

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