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Create an Impact

THEIA8900 provides custom market research and growth plans to create a positive impact in the cryptocurrency space. 


Why THEIA8900?

Theia, often pronounced "Theeah" or "Thayah" and sometimes spelled "Thea," represents a big idea. There's a theory... 4.5 billion years ago, a planet called Theia collided with earth while travelling 8,900 miles per hour. The result? Our moon. 

Theia represents combining multiple ideas to create something new, exploring new paths to growth. When you work with THEIA8900, we'll stretch our thinking to find solutions that create the positive change you are looking for in your business.

How I Can Help You

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Hi, I'm Kelly. I help blockchain and financial services firms grow their cryptocurrency businesses through my work at THEIA8900. I'm a marketing strategy executive with a passion for FinTech and blockchain projects. I've spent nearly a decade in marketing, technical operations, and strategy leadership roles in digital banking, most recently as a Chief Marketing and Technology Officer. Along with providing marketing strategy services, I use THEIA8900 to share my favorite resources from across the industry's best minds. Enjoy the resources here at THEIA8900 and reach out if you want to talk. Thanks! 

Crypto Product Marketing

THEIA8900 specializes in market research and developing growth plans for FinTechs and cryptocurrency firms. Our goal is to quickly move you up the product adoption curve.

Strategy for Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions looking to launch a bitcoin or crypto product can leverage THEIA8900's experience in digital banking combined with a deep understanding of the crypto market.

Access Latest Research

THEIA8900 always starts with research to combine ideas and data into something valuable. Take a peek at some of the newest research and insights on the cryptocurrency market. 

COnnect With A Recruiter

I partner with the Investinu Group to specialize in placing candidates in Blockchain and FinTech firms. If you're a firm looking to fill roles or a candidate job searching, I can help.

Find Educational Content

I'm  addicted to learning new things. See some of my favorite Blockchain, FinTech, and leadership content. You can basically build your own MBA. 

Get Ideas From My Blog

Every once in a while I write an article or interview someone I find interesting. Email me if you want to be interviewed and we'll see if it's a good fit!

Want to set up a free strategy planning call? Complete the form below to get started.

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