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Ready to solve your marketing challenges with new ideas?

That’s why I’m here. Hi, I'm Kelly.


I help startups and financial services firms solve their marketing challenges, creating a positive impact on their business. I've worked with businesses of all sizes from crypto startups to regional financial institutions to national investment firms.


Fractional CMO Support

I'll work side-by-side with your executive team to provide guidance and concrete plans to improve your marketing ROI based on your objectives.

Budget Optimization

I'll learn what your goals are and create a detailed implementation plan for your firm to get more results out of each marketing dollar spent.

Content Marketing

Getting results from content is difficult. Based on your goals, I'll create a custom content plan integrated into your overall strategy that drives business.


Why THEIA8900?

There's a theory... 4.5 billion years ago, a planet called Theia (pronounced "thee-ah") collided with earth while travelling 8,900 miles per hour. The result? Our moon. 

THEIA8900 represents the collision of ideas to create something new, exploring new paths to growth. When you work with me, we'll stretch our thinking to find solutions that create the positive change you are looking for in your business.

Want to set up a free strategy planning call? Complete the form below to get started.

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